Helendale Boarding  Kennels is an owner  operated business and only consists of 12 kennels and large sheltered yards. Having only a small number of kennels I can give  your dog the attention it deserves.

I only board up up to 4 cats at a time and they have a communal area where they can laze around on a cat gym or on a settee. Each cat has its own space where it is fed and  have some quiet time as not all cats are social in a new area. 

Large exercise yards available for dogs for the whole day. Dogs are only confined to kennels during the night.  

Cats have access to a rumpus room where they are free to laze around and sleep or play on the cat gym. 


Mon - Fri

8-30 am - 10-30am

2-30 pm - 4-30 pm



Sat - Sun and all other hours -

By appointment only



3349 Mt Bryan East Rd

Mt Bryan

SA 5418

Mail: helendalekennels@gmail.com
Tel:  08 88934114

Mob 0457 471 623